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Horse in Tack


Whether it is a picture of your favourite pet or something more exotic, Alison can create a stunning image that will enthral for years to come.

Alison works from photographs, as it's a lot easier than chasing animals around. After all, even the most obedient dog will only remain still for a short time

If you wish to commission a portrait, here is what to do.


Firstly, it's a good idea to take several good images of your pet in a variety of different poses. This will enable Alison to see all sides of the animal and gives her an insight into the nature and personality of your pet.

Would you like a different background to the ones in the photos?

No problem!

Most of us find it easier to photograph our pets in the home or back garden where they are more relaxed and comfortable. Just submit one or more images of the kind of background you would like to be featured in the artwork and your pet can be blended in.

Jiggery Pokery

After you have submitted your images and let us know what your requirements are, Matt can utilise image manipulation software to render a draft image to your specification.

This can be an enhanced version of your favourite photo or a combination of several images.

This enable you to better visualise the final product before placing an order.

Monitoring progress

Once a portrait has been commissioned, all stages of the creation process are listed on Alison's Blog (that's Web Log for non techies!). From here, you can see how Alison builds here artwork, from first sketches to the final product.

We will also email our clients with progress reports and images, so they can alert us if any minor changes are required.

Final checks

Once a portrait has been completed, the image is scanned or photographed and uploaded to the Blog. Our clientele can then ask for any amendments or changes to be made.

Mounting and Framing

Alison offers a bespoke mounting and framing service for all of her clients. If there is anything specific you require, please let us know

Copies and Prints

Prints of the original artwork can be made, printed on fine art paper or stretched canvas. They are available in any size you require, even postcards.


Artwork is despatched via Parcel Force and securely packed in cardboard, bubblewrap and polystyrene foam. Every consignment is clearly marked as "Fragile" and Parcel Force have a good reputation for handling this kind of item.

Much of the original wildlife artwork featured on this website is for sale
Some of the artwork is avaliable as a print or card
If you wish to commission a painting or drawing of your pet, or anything else, please call
+44 (0) 7910 245 392
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