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Whether it is a picture of your favourite pet or something more exotic, I can create a stunning image that will enthral for years to come. I work from photographs, as it's a lot easier than chasing animals around. After all, even the most obedient dog will only remain still for a short time. So, if you wish to commission a portrait, here is what to do.


Getting started

Contact me to discuss your requirements. I can be reached via telephone, email, or use the contact form, whichever is easiest for you. I can inform you as to the costs and the approximate timescale. Larger and more detailed works will take more time to complete.


Gathering evidence

Send me several photographs of your subject, in different poses if possible. The more reference material I have, the more realistic the portrait will be. For details on how to take photos of your pet, my photographer fiancée has written an easy to understand how to guide

Australian Mist Cat
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Making the grade

We can pick the best pictures to base the artwork on. Please tell me about your pet so I can understand its personality and habits. This will enable me to add depth and panache to the portrait.


Getting to work

I shall then get on with sketches and preliminary design, once complete I will send you some images so that you may review the work so far. Major changes and additions are easy to implement at this point, so if you have any ideas please let me know. Once you are happy with the design and layout, then I shall move on to adding colour and detail. Regular updates will be emailed to you so that you can request minor changes.


The final cut

Once the artwork is complete, I will email over high quality images for your inspection. If you find everything to be satisfactory, I will then request payment, the artwork will be despatched once this is received.


Taking photos of your pet

Most of us find it easier to photograph our pets in the home or back garden where they are more relaxed and comfortable. Just submit one or more images of the kind of background you would like to be featured in the artwork and your pet can be blended in.


Mounting and Framing

I can offer a bespoke mounting and framing service for all of my clients. If there is anything specific you require, please let me know


Copies and Prints

Prints of the original artwork can be made, printed on fine art paper or stretched canvas. They are available in any size you require, even postcards.



Artwork is despatched via Royal Mail and securely packed in cardboard, bubble wrap and polystyrene foam. Every consignment is clearly marked as "Fragile" and Royal Mail have a good reputation for handling this kind of item.