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Horse in Tack
Horse in Tack
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Horses have been domesticated since around 4000 BCE and have historically been as versatile and adaptable as dogs. Many were beasts of burden or pulled carts, living quite harsh lives as captured in "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell. In our present era they are limited to sport, leisure and recreation.
Print Details An open edition high quality print on glossy 240gsm photo quality paper. The print is mounted but unframed
Image Dimensions: Height: 20.3 Cm Width: 20.3 Cm     (8 x 8)
Mount Dimensions:  Height: 30.5 Cm Width: 30.5 Cm     (12 x 12 Inch)
Original Media: Coloured Pencil
Mounted Print
Price: £10
UK Postage and Packing
Royal Mail First Class: £5
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