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Playful Panda
Playful Panda
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The giant panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca)I native to south central China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. The name "giant panda" is sometimes used to distinguish it from the unrelated red panda.
The giant panda's diet is over 99% bamboo. In the wild, they will occasionally eat other grasses, wild tubers, or even meat in the form of birds, rodents, or carrion.
This panda is in a relaxed mood, lying down and munching on bamboo.
Print Details An open edition high quality print on glossy 240gsm photo quality paper. The print is mounted but unframed
Image Dimensions: Height: 21 Cm Width: 29.7 Cm     (8.27 x 11.69)
Mount Dimensions:  Height: 28 Cm Width: 35 Cm        (11 x 14 Inch)
Original Media: Graphite Pencil
Mounted Print
Price: £20
UK Postage and Packing
Royal Mail First Class: £5
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