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Wolf in Snow
Wolf in Snow
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When anyone thinks of myths and legends that feature a wolf, it is the grey wolf or timber wolf (Canis lupus), that instantly springs to mind. It is native to Eurasia and North America with a population estimated to be around 300,000. A gregarious apex predator which is only threatened by humans and tigers, grey wolves hunt in packs so that they can bring down large prey such as a moose, weighing up to 500 Kg. This wolf howls during a night time blizzard.
Print Details An open edition high quality print on glossy 240gsm photo quality paper. The print is mounted but unframed
Image Dimensions: Height: 29.7 Cm Width: 21 Cm     (11.69 x 8.27)
Mount Dimensions:  Height: 35 Cm Width: 28 Cm     (14 x 11 Inch)
Original Media: Coloured Pencil
Mounted Print
Price: £20
UK Postage and Packing
Royal Mail First Class: £5
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